Le Triolet

Le Triolet - Pouches, Paperlike Material, Genuine Leather Series

Le Triolet Catalogue is a set of our three newest collections: Dextérité, Chartacée and Pochette. Dextérité is a series of premium quality leather goods. The savvy design brings a classic look for anyone who uses it. We make Chartacée from a special material like no other. A paperlike material that brings a special look by your personal touch. While Pochette is a series of various pouches, you’ll find anything you can imagine here.



XL Tote Bag

Vertical Folder

Tote Bag

A5 Notebook Cover

Card Wallet

Horizontal Folder

Passport Case

Earphone Case


Tote Bag

Half Round Pouch

ID Card Holder

Flat Pouch

Passport Case