Layang Terkembang

Layang Terkembang - Lightweight and Indonesian Motif Series

Our life is not supposed to be hard, heavy, or complicated. So many blessings and beauties in this world to be grateful upon. Breath of fresh air, plentiful water, and flourishing nature. A bright sun and every loved ones in our life.

Just like “Layang”, our daily product is not supposed to be heavy-weight, yet still remarkably functional. So you can carry all of your belongings into one. Available in two main colors (Olive Earth & Solid Graphite) but you can choose up to 35 color options.

“Kembang” also completes the collection with the beauty of Indonesian traditional motifs that we choose from Sumatra, Jawa, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa to Papua. Represented in modern form, you can carry your essentials into these alluring pieces.

Large Tote Bag

Flat Tote Bag


Pouch with Handle

Document Holder - Medium

Document Holder - Large

Cube Pouch

Sling Phone Holder

Sling Pouch

Bifold Card Wallet with Lanyard